Mark Nicholet is a graduate of Carson Dunlop Home inspection certificate.



Mark Nicholet Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers Certificate

Mark Nicholet from Apple Home Inspections a Parksville and Qualicum regional Home inspector graduated the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Certificate program with a 95.0 grade point average on May 5, 2008.

Carson Dunlop transcripts for Mark Nicholet

Graduated with a 95.0 GPA from Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Certificate College.

Carson Dunlop Weldon Commercial Inspection Certificate

certificate of carson dunlop weldon commercial inspection course presented by cahpi-bc

Carson Dunlop Weldon Commercial inspection course certificate


carson dunlop consulting engineers

Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers

Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers is a firm based out of Ontario Canada. They provide inspection services, education, courseware, material, products and other services to the home inspection industry including consumers and inspectors. The inspection industry has become standardized by legislation and other governing bodies. Essentially, the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors have promoted Carson Dunlop’s products and services since early development. Furthermore, the BC Government legislated home inspector licensing as of March 31st, 2009 Click here for more info and endorsed the industry standard pioneered by the Carson Dunlop organization and the Canadian Association of Home and Property inspectors. Modern day the Carson Dunlop Certificate program is typically available at your local college and is a career opportunity for students in the construction industry.