Wood Burning Appliance Inspections


WETT Inspection

WETT Certified Inspector

Currently only providing WETT inspections with a full home inspection.

Do you require a WETT inspection for insurance or pre-purchase of a home equipped with a wood burning appliance or fireplace? A WETT inspection is a general overview of the readily accessible parts to determine if the system meets current regulations. Most often homeowners ask about WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) because their insurance company has asked that they have their wood burning appliance inspected by a WETT certified inspector.

Typically, when people are looking for an insurance type of WETT inspection, a visual inspection is conducted to determine if there is evidence of any problems with the installation. This includes examining clearances, chimney heights and visual signs of deterioration. If there are concerns identified, then the inspector should make a recommendation that the appliance be checked and, if necessary, repaired by a WETT certified technician.

Woodstoves and fireplace inserts are required to be installed according to CSA B 365 Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment. Masonry fireplaces are required to be built to the BC Building Code. Most insurance companies, for home insurance purposes, require a WETT inspection report stating that the wood burning appliance meets these installation practices.


How to prepare for a WETT inspection

  • Please ensure the wood/pellet stove has been cleaned inside and all ashes removed safely.
  • Check to make sure I can access the Stoves label that has the required distances to combustibles and shows me the serial number, certification authority etc.
  • If I cannot see this label or if the label is missing, I cannot certify the unit.
  • Ensure all combustible materials are kept at a safe distance. Check appliance plate for distances required.
  • You must have a metal container with a sealed metal lid stored on a non-combustible surface for ash disposal. I will need to see it and take a picture of it for your file.
  • All fire brick inside the stove should be in good condition with no cracks or deterioration.
  • Have appliance manuals available so I can obtain any additional information that I may require.
  • Appliance, chimney and flue pipes need to be cleaned at least once a year. More if you burn a lot of wood or if the appliance is not burning clean.

Note: A WETT inspection will not certify a gas appliance and we can only inspect readily accessible components of the chimney flue interior. If you require the interior of a chimney to be inspected, you will need to contact a WETT certified “Chimney Sweep” who will first clean the chimney and then inspect it with video equipment.

Home owners and Insurance companies want to make sure the wood burning appliance used in the home such as fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and wood furnaces are safe and meet today’s WETT inspection code requirements to ensure they are safe.

The first thing you should check when searching for a home is if there is a wood/pellet/gas stove in the home. If there is, check the back of the stove to see if there is a certification plate permanently fixed to the appliance. It should list what organization certified the appliance, it’s model and serial number along with minimum clearances required to combustibles. If there is no plate attached to the stove, the stove has to be considered as a non-certified stove and the distances from walls and combustible material is greater. This means the appliance will take up a lot more room in your room than a certified appliance.

Mark Nicholet is a WETT certified inspector and will inspect the appliance to ensure it meets today’s safety standards and codes set out by WETT inc and the safety testing laboratories requirements during the inspection process.

Check with your insurance company to determine if they have their own form they would like filled out on their behalf. Some insurance companies do require this. If not, I will include my findings within the inspection report and will email you a copy.

If you would like to book your WETT inspection, please use this form or contact me on my toll free number. Please advise when you would like to make the appointment and provide any details you may have about your wood stove such as; Is it certified? Is it a EPA wood stove? Do you have the manual? Do you know the make and model number? Any of these details will be helpful as I can collect information online that I will need before I show up. If you do not know, don’t worry. I will get the details when I inspect it.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact me any time.