10 Reasons to hire Apple!

  1. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want to know about hidden water leaks that are conducive to mold mildew and rot, lack of insulation in the walls and ceilings contributing to an uncomfortable house and or higher energy bills, electrical hot spots that can be a fire hazard, structural issues that can lead to significant cost(s) and or safety concern(s), building component(s) that are at the end of their useful life span or non performing, plumbing issues that may require replacement or cause unhealthy circumstances. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want the best home inspection available on Vancouver island, simply guaranteed.


  2. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want a home inspector that owns and operates high tech tools including a FLIR Infrared camera, Suretest circuit analyzer, Electrophysics moisture meter, Carbon monoxide tester, Water pressure gauge, clamp meter, voltage tester, vinyl siding zip-it tool, 10 million candle power spotlight, infrared thermometer, humidity meter, 32 foot extension ladders and everything else the other inspectors might have. Components of the home need to be examined closely and touched or tested, I make every effort to reach every part of the home with my large extension ladders and tools.


  3. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you are aware of third party influence or potential for a conflict of interest. I take a significant amount of pride in providing an ethical relationship with you, the vendor and your real estate agent and have taken a pledge to be fair and honest. My service is motivated by sincere and fundamental ethics dedicated to exclusive interests of the home buyer client and my obligation is to speak the truth regarding the subject building. Your best interest is always my top priority.


  4. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want a thorough, technical and detailed home inspection. I get to the areas most inspectors, simply don’t go… including leopard crawling in attics and crawlspaces to those tight or hard to reach areas that may have serious problems. The standards of practice state an inspector will only inspect readily accessible areas and the inspection is not technically exhaustive. Although, this is true of the industry I can honestly tell you that all of my inspections are technically exhaustive compared to the other companies. My inspections are very thorough and significant effort is made to reach every nook and cranny.


  5. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want a state of art, comprehensive, technically detailed inspection report. I do not provide boring carbon copy, on site generated checklist inspection reports. An inspection report takes approximately 6 hours to generate in my library office. A home inspection should be about defect recognition not just an inventory of stuff in the house. I use state of the art software, taking over 150 pictures on average per inspection and inserting them along with illustrations into a customized report. Reports are a significant aspect of the inspection and time should be spent to ensure it is done right. I have access to over 1700 illustrations made available from the Carson Dunlop illustrated home library.


  6. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want an unrushed home inspection. I provide longer more thorough home inspections. The home inspection industry standard is approximately 2-3 hours per inspection sometimes including report generation. A professional home inspection can practically take a full day. A home has a significant amount of components and it is impossible to do a detailed inspection in a limited time frame. I spend the time to ensure issues are not overlooked preventing hidden surprises and or future problems. I will discuss the approximate time frame we will need to book the home with the Vendor and or Real Estate Agent during our initial interview.


  7. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you would like to attend the home inspection. I understand that everyone has commitments and if you cannot attend the inspection I am more than happy to provide you with a post walk-through or a conference phone call. You will acquire significant benefits from attending the inspection. Don’t be fooled by third party’s who try to steer you away from attending the home inspection. Purchasing a home is typically the single largest purchase we ever make. There is nothing illegal, unethical or immoral about borrowing a vendor’s home for 4-7 hours prior to purchase. I am fully licensed, insured and my obligation is to always safeguard the subject building from any iniquity.


  8. You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you are concerned about your families health and safety. I care for one Vancouver Island family at a time and strictly conduct one inspection per day providing a non-rushed experience. I will recommend any identified issues are dealt with in a professional and appropriate manner including further investigation, remediation, analysis, repair and or replacement by qualified contractors. This is a very exciting time for many people which is why you want to slow down a little and make sure you are also making educated choices. I always go the extra mile including ancillary inspection techniques like infrared thermography, WETT inspections and recall check. Your safety and comfort is my top priority.


  9. You should hire Mark Nicholet – Apple Home Inspections if you want an experienced, technical and academically trained home inspector. I am academically trained by Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers, BCIT , WETT, annual continuing education courses and have construction experience. I am a member in good standing of the top home inspector associations and have conducted hundreds of home inspections since 2008.


  10. Do not hire Apple Home Inspections if you want the cheapest inspection on the block. There is an old saying “You get what you pay for”. My home inspection costs are justified due to my time spent on site collecting data and time spent in the office generating a quality report. I only conduct extensive, technical, thorough and detailed inspections. I have high tech equipment operations including infrared thermal imaging. Continuing academic education. Marketing direct to the consumers bypassing the real estate agents, I am always providing ethical and loyal services, never any conflict of interest.


You should hire Apple Home Inspections if you want the best inspection available on Vancouver Island, simply guaranteed.