High quality reports

Mark Nicholet provides custom Home Inspection reports including comprehensive pictures and illustrations, narrative descriptions, implications and recommendations.

A significant amount of technical detail will be used when generating your report.

I will not be providing an onsite boiler plate report. Onsite reports have little value.

Premium quality customized report development typically takes up to 24 hrs post inspection.

family-7 Over 1700 illustrations available from the Carson Dunlop illustrated home library. All reports are available and stored securely online within 24 hours of the inspection.

Please click on the inspection report sample(s) below:

home inspection sample report
Your Home Inspection written report may not be exactly as shown in this demonstration report. Report software is upgraded occasionally and the layout is subject to change. Costs of repair/replacement are not typically included in the report. Narrative descriptions, implications, recommendations, pictures and illustrations are always included in the written report. Videos may or may not be added to the report. All reports are systematically written as per the HIABC scope of inspection. Written reports may take up to 24 hours to generate unless otherwise agreed upon