Innovative UAV training and equipment

2018 New Years!

Once again, pioneering the industry, Apple Home Inspections is currently in the process of working with Transport Canada to obtain a UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate). In order to conduct aerial inspections with a UAV in urban areas, authorization by Transport Canada must be granted, an aviation ground school course must be completed and insurance must be in place.

Q: Is a drone inspection as thorough as an inspector walking the roof?

A: Absolutely not. Nothing can compare to the ability to touch, see and smell things up close BUT did you know the inspection is on readily accessible components only? Inspectors can only inspect safe areas of the home and must take care not to damage the subject building components.

Some roof coverings including clay tile, concrete tile, shakes/shingles and some metal roofs are too fragile or slippery. Steep pitch roofs cannot be walked by inspectors. Tall chimneys cannot be inspected.

Typically, inspectors are required to inform the clients that they cannot view certain components due to heights, unsafe conditions or fragile components. Now, with drone technology the areas that are not readily accessible including steep pitch roofs, fragile roofs and tall chimneys can be inspected.

Q: Does Apple Home Inspections offer other authorized drone pilot services to non inspection industries?

A: Absolutely! the possibilities are endless and we are excited to extend our services to other industries.

Drone services are significantly less cost than a rotorcraft helicopter and drones can typically provide better images and video. Please contact me for more information.

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